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Coping with alcohol abuse and addiction can be a struggle, and difficult to overcome on your own without help. With alcohol rehab centers located in Wilmington, Dover, and many other cities, Delaware has the resources you need to help you or your loved one stop drinking and achieve lifelong sobriety. If you suffer from addiction, or think you might have a drinking problem, call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-481-6965 (Who Answers?) to learn more about alcohol rehab Delaware options.

Treatments Available at Alcohol Rehab Delaware

Alcohol rehab centers in Delaware offer many different treatments that can effectively help you or your loved one overcome alcohol abuse and addiction. Alcohol addiction treatment usually begins with detoxification, followed by therapies that address the mental aspects of addiction. These therapies may include behavioral counseling, support groups, and other methods aimed at improving your mental health, confidence, and self-esteem.

Detoxification helps you withdraw from alcohol and overcome physical dependency on the substance. In most cases, detox triggers alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which can be reduced or eliminated using prescription medications. Some rehab centers offer holistic therapies in place of medications, such as acupuncture, massage, and IV vitamin therapy.

Following detox, you can undergo behavioral counseling that helps you identify triggers that lead to drinking. Knowing your triggers can help you avoid relapsing in the future, and from turning to alcohol at times of stress. In addition to behavioral counseling, you might also benefit from support groups and other therapies, such as art therapy, that help you overcome psychological causes of addiction.

Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Going to alcohol rehab allows you to overcome addiction in a safe, controlled medical environment without access to alcohol, distractions, and negative influencers who encourage drinking. At rehab, you can withdraw from alcohol surrounded by caring medical staff that can alleviate your withdrawal symptoms and guide you toward improved health. Addiction treatment also lowers your risk for serious health problems commonly caused by drinking.

Alcohol addiction treatment teaches you how to handle situations where alcohol is present — reducing your risk for relapse. Going to rehab also helps you identify new interests and hobbies that replace drinking, and that can renew your desire to strive for a better, more fulfilling life.

Finding Alcohol Rehab Centers in Delaware features an alcohol rehab directory that can help you find the best rehab center for you based on your unique health and recovery needs. Our caring addiction specialists can help you explore your options, and discuss available treatments offered at each Delaware rehab center. Use our website to learn common signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse, along with popular addiction recovery methods. can also help you locate 12-step support groups and local organizations devoted to fighting substance abuse. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to stop drinking, and to help you help loved ones with drinking problems. No matter the stage of your addiction, we’re here to guide you along the path to improved health and sobriety.

If you’re struggling with addiction and live in Delaware, understand that you’re not alone and that help is nearby. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-481-6965 (Who Answers?) to talk to an experienced addiction counselor about your alcohol rehab Delaware options.

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