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Drinking Problems & Denial

Drinking problems are often plagued by denial. Those who abuse alcohol are quick to deny that they have a problem and likewise quick to make accusations on others. For the family members and loved ones of those who are addicted to alcohol, this denial becomes a common part of daily life and routines. Unfortunately, denial is a common event when problematic drinking is in your life and this denial can lead to long term consequences associated with not seeking adequate help when it’s most needed.

People deny their drinking problems by:

  • underestimating how much they drink or how often they drink
  • making the negative aspects of the drinking less severe as they are by downplaying them
  • complaining that others are exaggerating their drinking problems or making matters worse than they really are
  • blaming others for their drinking

If you or someone you love is drinking and denying the problems that are being caused by the alcohol abuse, it’s time to seek help!

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