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Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

inpatient drug rehab

Inpatient alcohol treatment can give you the time you need to recover.

The benefits of inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse are well-documented. From a cost perspective, communities save seven dollars for every one dollar spent on treatment, so its effectiveness in helping to not only end addiction but also to reduce alcohol-related problems has created a positive impact.

There are many forms of inpatient treatment for alcohol and other drugs. Finding out what methods are most successful is a task that the treatment community, which is inclusive of scientists, counselors, doctors, pastors, etc. continually strives for. Programs that seek improvement on their methods evolve hopefully with the patients’ best interests. One example is how scientists continue to study genes and how knowledge of genetics can lead to breakthroughs in addiction treatment.

This research typically looks for other chemical interactions or counteractions that can be used, and therefore tested with different pharmaceuticals. There have been multiple prescriptions developed and put to use at inpatient treatment facilities for treating alcohol and other drug addictions, though none have been effectively solely in their application. Inpatient programs must also use a combination of counseling, group and individual, as well as other therapeutic measures.

These other therapies can include a very wide range of practices that may appeal to some people more than others. There are physical therapies and exercises, equine therapy (horses), art therapy, drama therapy (role-playing), holistic and natural medicine practices, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), moral recognition therapy (MRT) and many others.

Most inpatient facilities last about 30 days, though the length may vary. The key in finding success through treatment is not only the fact of being in a more controlled environment to focus on handling the addictive behaviors, but also in choosing programs with the best forms of therapies for each individual’s needs. This is something that we can help with, including help you learn more about what treatment options are available in different locations throughout the country.

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