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A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons of Various Types of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Struggling with addiction is the last thing you thought would happen in your life—but here you are, in a real struggle to do what is right despite everything that’s gone wrong. If you’re suffering from alcohol addiction, and treatment is on your mind, consider the pros and cons of the many types of alcohol addiction treatment that are available to you. This can help you to decide what program will be most suitable for your recovery needs.

Residential Treatment

It may be the last type of treatment on your mind right now—inpatient or residential care—but it may be the most helpful. This alcohol addiction treatment involves remaining in a hospital like setting for a period of 30-days or more while you undergo intense counseling and therapy.

The benefits of this treatment option include:

  • Around-the-clock care and support
  • Medical intervention for safety
  • Controlled, drug and alcohol-free environment
  • Proven results

The disadvantages of this type of treatment program include:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Residential treatment provides a safe and alcohol-free environment.

  • Potentially higher cost than other programs
  • You must be away from family and friends for the duration
  • You cannot work or continue school while in treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Most alcoholics and addicts in general will choose outpatient treatment at first. This is because it’s less invasive and generally not as intimidating as residential care—but it’s also less effective in most cases unless you have already completed a residential treatment program first. Outpatient alcohol addiction treatment provides scheduled care that can be conveniently fit into your busy schedule.

The benefits of this treatment option include:

  • Ability to schedule treatment and remain involved in work or school
  • Ability to get help as needed without committing to live in a facility for 30-days or more
  • You can still take care of your home or other personal matters while receiving treatment
  • Lower cost when compared to most residential treatment programs

The disadvantages of this type of treatment program include:

  • Less monitoring means more time for potential relapse
  • Less invasive treatment is sometimes less effective for hard to beat addictions
  • Patients must remain sober on their own in an environment that may not be conducive to recovery
  • Higher relapse rates are generally associated with outpatient care versus inpatient care

Do I Need Inpatient Alcohol Treatment?

Getting the Help You Need

If you or someone you care about is addicted to alcohol, don’t just at the first thought you have to get the help of an outpatient program because it will be “easy.” Consider the benefits of both types of treatment, residential and outpatient, and make an informed decision regarding what the most appropriate level of care will be for your needs.

Call our helpline toll-free at 800-481-6965 to speak with an advisor about your condition and the types of treatment that are available to you. We can even provide a free referral to a treatment program that will offer you the support you need to get sober once and for all.

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