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Support Groups

Recovery Support Groups

Recovery Support Groups

Support groups are a great way to get the support you need during recovery.

Recovery from alcohol addiction often requires the involvement of various support groups to ensure that you are receiving the support you need to abstain from drug or alcohol abuse and to continue to push forward with your recovery efforts. Many hurdles will likely be faced during your recovery from alcohol abuse and addiction and you’ll realize that the need for support is stronger now than it ever was. Fortunately, you have help available in community support groups, organizational support groups and from your friends and family members.

Community Support Groups

You will likely find that there are a number of different community support groups that can help you to overcome addiction and stay sober. Many communities provide access to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) support groups which can provide you with a sponsor who will help you to stay clean and sober. In addition to AA, you may find that there are other support groups in the community to help you with things like finding a job, overcoming stress, coping with trauma or otherwise overcoming the burdens that lead you to abuse alcohol.

Organizational Support Groups

Many workplaces, schools and other organizations such as your local ministry provide support for those who are addicted to alcohol. If you’re looking for a support group to help you through this potentially deadly disease or to provide you with a shoulder to lean on during recovery, consider talking with your employer or social worker about the availability of support groups within your organization. If you go to school, there’s a good chance that there is an addiction or recovery support group already formed at the school. If there’s not a support group within your organization, consider talking with upper level staff about the addition of such a group for yourself and fellow members of the organization who may require support.

Support from Family & Friends

Your family members and friends are likely the strongest support group you will find that is ready and willing to advocate for your well-being. Talk with your family and friends about your desire to recover from addiction and speak to them about the methods or actions you are taking to stay sober. They will help to keep you on track, say something to you if they notice you showing signs of falling off the wagon and can keep you motivated to move forward with your recovery efforts.


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