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Recovery Methods

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Methods

Addiction  Recovery Methods

Let us teach you different recovery methods.

Two primary methods exist to help those who are addicted to alcohol to make a full and lasting recovery—twelve step treatment and non-twelve step treatment. Each of these methods of recovery can lead to dramatic lifestyle, behavioral and physical changes. The recovery method or methods that you find work best for you will be contingent upon various factors including the severity of your addiction, the level of treatment that you require, your spiritual thoughts and other factors.

Twelve Step Recovery Methods

The most common twelve step method of recovery comes from the original steps that were outlined by the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. This method of recovery has since been incorporated into many other forms of treatment for addiction and continues to be the foundation for many alcohol addiction treatment programs both in treatment centers and in support groups.

Most communities have a number of Alcoholics Anonymous support groups that are offered at civic centers, counseling centers and even churches each day or week. The twelve step method of recovery outlines a series of steps that take the addict from the lows of addiction on through to the explicit highs of recovery and to helping others. To this day, Alcoholics Anonymous support groups continue to use the 12-steps as the foundation for their support and the care that they provide to others who are trying to overcome alcohol addiction.

Non-Twelve Step Recovery Methods

Thousands of people try the standard 12-step method of recovery only to find that due to spiritual constraints or other instances, this method is not right for them. These people find that a non-12 step approach to treatment and recovery from alcohol addiction proves to be more effective. There are a number of programs that have been developed without using the steps including:

  • Rational Recovery
  • SMART Recovery
  • Women for Sobriety, Inc

Each of the above non-12 step methods of recovery uses it’s own therapeutic advances to assist the patient in abstaining from the use of alcohol and in making a lasting recovery. You may find that this method is more effective for you because there is less emphasis on a set of steps that lead the way or you may realize that you like the idea of having the steps outlined in advance as a means of guidance.

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