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Recovery Facts

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Facts

Alcohol Recovery Facts

We have laid out the correct recovery facts!

Recovery from alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a long-term process that cannot always be completed on one’s own abilities. Sometimes, there is the need for treatment, counseling and care as well as social support in order to secure lasting recovery. These recovery facts will help you to better understand recovery and the ways that friends, family and the community come into play when it comes to helping those who are addicted to alcohol.

Fact: Addiction recovery takes time.

If you think that you will be fully recovered in a matter of just a few days, you’re wrong! Addiction recovery takes time and depending on the severity of your disease, you m ay require weeks or months of treatment, potentially years of treatment, before you will make a full recovery from this potential deadly disease.

Fact: Recovery is long term.

Those who are in recovery consider themselves in recovery for many years and sometimes for the rest of their lives. Depending on the lessons you learn in your treatment, you may one day call yourself a recovered addict or you may choose to continue to be “in recovery” for the rest of your life recognizing that addiction is a disease that is incurable. To be in recovery means that you are not drinking but that you realize that your drinking problems could come back to haunt you at any given time.

Fact: Alcohol recovery reduces physical dangers of alcohol addiction.

If you think that your problem drinking will not result in lifelong consequences, thing again. Alcohol addiction, even in recovery, can plague you physically and psychologically for many years. Your recovery from alcohol addiction will reduce the severity of the physical dangers associated with drinking but the damage that has already been done may persist to cause problems for you in the coming years of your life.

Fact: Recovery programs must be socially responsible and relevant.

What this means is that people want to take part in a recovery program that meets their needs and that is relevant to their individual situation. Recovery programs must realize that every person is different but that certain groups will do better if they are able to take part in recovery together such as teens, women, or those of a particular socioeconomic status.


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