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Top 5 Causes of Alcohol Abuse in College Students

Alcohol Abuse in College Students Help

Studies have shown that 6% of college students have an alcohol abuse problem.

Many college students drink alcohol to relax after being in school all week. Studies have shown that 4 out of 5 college students drink alcohol. A percentage of these students will abuse the alcohol, which can cause physical and behavioral problems in a person. While there are no known hard facts on what causes alcohol abuse at all, there are some ideas of causes. The top 5 of these will be discussed.

College Life Can Be Stressful

First of all, one of the causes of alcohol abuse in college students is the fact that they go to school and study all week, and some work jobs as well. This can be stressful. College can be intense and expectations have to be met. So when the weekend comes around, the college students want to have a drink to wind down from the week. A college student may only drink one night a week but they will make it one big night of drinking, which can also be known as binge drinking, one of the most known causes of alcohol abuse in college students. Binge drinking can cause a person to lose their motor skills, black out, or pass out once they have had too much to drink.

A Form of Cheap Entertainment

Next, colleges tend to be in downtown areas, where there is consequently a lot of nightlife. Going to a bar for a night of drinking and dancing is often the cheapest form of entertainment in town. There are usually bars within walking distance of a college or university so a student does not have to worry about gas or depending on another person to get back to the dorm. Many students say that it is cheaper to go for a few drinks than to have a night at the movie theater or a concert.

Free Alcohol for All Ages

Another one of the causes of alcohol abuse in college students is the fact that they can often stay on campus and drink in their dorm or go to a party at one of the fraternity or sorority houses. Here, there is no checking identification. The beer or other alcohol is free to drink usually. A person can also socialize and dance at these parties. Often, people at these parties will binge drink, consuming large amounts of alcohol at one time.

Peer Pressure

A college student may feel peer pressure to drink. In many events at college, there will be alcohol. It does not just show up at parties, but also at sporting events where people will tailgate in the parking lot. There may also be Greek events that involve drinking, too. These events are meant to introduce the newer students to college life. Alcohol seems to be everywhere, so a person may feel pressured to drink because everyone else is doing it and it seems fun.

Mimicking the Family

Lastly, one of the causes of alcohol abuse in college students is the idea that children mimic their parents when it comes to drinking habits. Since this may be the college student’s first time away from home, and having no supervision, they may start to abuse alcohol. Without anyone there to stop them, the student will then begin to have the physical and behavioral symptoms that are associated with abusing alcoholic beverages. Long term use can lead to damaging effects on the body as well.

Getting Help for College Students

If a college student is abusing alcohol to a dangerous point, they need to seek professional help. Often, colleges can help a student with counseling and finding treatment that can be successful. The idea of college is to gain an education and socialize. While alcohol can be a tool for socialization, it is not meant to be taken for granted. Being educated about alcohol and its effects can keep a person from experiencing the downside of alcohol and alcohol abuse.

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