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Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol abuse in America is a very common problem that can easily ruin the life of the abuser and the family around them. Alcoholism and alcohol dependence are both resulting conditions that take hold of the repeat offender where alcohol is concerned.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse measures a “standard” drink as:

  • 0.6 ounces of pure ethanol
  • 12 ounces of beer
  • 8 ounces of malt liquor
  • 5 ounces of wine
  • 1.5 ounces (the typical size of a “shot”) of 80-proof distilled spirits or liquor (e.g., gin, rum, vodka, or whiskey)

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The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism suggests that quantities for men and women that may advocate in favor of dependency upon alcohol and lead to alcoholism if maintained regularly, are as follows:

  • For women more than 3 drinks on any single day

and more than 7 drinks within a week

  • For men, an excess of 4 drinks on any single day

and more than 14 drinks within a week.

What are the Effects of Alcohol Abuse?

alcohol problems

Alcohol dependence is dangerous, as is alcohol withdrawal. Seek treatment as soon as possible.

Binge drinking, heavy drinking, or drinking in excess of the above mentioned quantities on a regular basis will eventually cause severe havoc in and to your life. Not only is excessive drinking directly correlated to several health issues that are serious in health terms, drinking that much will strain every area of your life.

Sadly, many alcohol abusers do not gain control over their addiction before they suffer some of these troubling health issues that are caused by their poor choices and bad habits:

  • liver cirrhosis
  • pancreatitis
  • numerous cancers( liver, mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus)
  • high blood pressure
  • harm to a developing fetus if a woman drinks while pregnant

Those who are under the influence of alcohol lack proper judgment and suffer from altered realities. These side-effects tend to cause likelihood for alcohol-related injuries; for example alcohol related automobile crashes, firearm injuries due to a lack of good judgment, bad falls due to drunkenness and lack of coordination, and drowning while intoxicated and swimming.

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Unfortunately, it is not just the alcohol abuser who is affected by the excess of alcohol use. Often times in cases of violence, such as in child abuse, homicide, or suicide the aggressor and/or agitator was under the influence of alcohol.

Signs You Have an Alcohol Problem

Notably, recognition and admitting that a problem exists, can be a challenge in regards to alcohol abuse in and of itself. You may want to ask these questions in an effort to help ascertain whether or not a problem is present.

Over the course of the last year, is it possible that you:

  • Spent a good deal of time or money on drinking
  • Have been hung-over often and suffered sickness due to your drinking
  • Experienced times that ended up in you drinking more than you had hoped to
  • Tried to stop drinking or even drink less and you weren’t successful
  • Have felt any craving or had urges to drink
  • At any point have allowed drinking to interfere with taking care of yourself, your home, or your family
  • Have had trouble at your job or in school caused by your alcohol use
  • Have continued to drink regardless of the trouble it causes with your family, friends, and/or work
  • Your drinking has taken up the time you used to have for hobbies and fun
  • Your drinking might have caused you to make bad decisions that you normally wouldn’t when sober
  • In order to get the sensation and feeling you want, you have had to increase the amount of alcohol you consume
  • Suffered more than just hang-over symptoms, but rather those of withdrawal: irritability, sweating, anxiety, restlessness, trouble sleeping, shakiness

The above list is compiled of situations that commonly arise with alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Becoming dependent upon alcohol will lead you down a road of ruination. Your family will suffer. Your friends will suffer. Your job or career will suffer and may be lost altogether. Your health will definitely go through the wringer. Studies have shown that even years after recovery from alcohol addiction, damage already incurred will rear its ugly head in the form of disease and system malfunction.

Treatment can help you overcome alcohol abuse. Call 800-481-6965 (Who Answers?) to find help today.

Seeking Help for Alcohol Dependence

Admitting that a problem exists is very important in getting the help you will need to get your life back on track and stop any further damage due to alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, according to the National Institute of Health, a mere fraction of those who could benefit from alcohol abuse treatment, accept it. A study conducted in 2012 recorded that only about 8% of the adults that required help for alcohol related diseases, received it. This number also reflected that of those that were helped, only 7% of the women and 8% of the men who were suffering from alcohol dependency enlisted the help offered by such treatment programs.

Alcohol dependency can cause your world to flip upside down. It can also be very hard to realize just how far gone you really are. Once this realization dawns on a person and they have to face the facts, it can be hard to imagine righting all the things that are going wrong. Do not give up hope. While alcohol dependency is considered to be a life-long disease, the struggle does not have to be an “end-game” scenario. Treatment facilities and aid for this predicament are widely available and can help you get back on track. If you or someone you know is suffering and floundering in the face of an alcohol related disease, please seek help.

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