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What is Rational Recovery?

The Rational Recovery Program

Rational Recovery is a program designed for any individual who suffers from an alcohol addiction. Rational Recovery is completely opposite from Alcohol Anonymous being that it is a one person show type of program, meaning that there are not group meetings and sponsors, but only the guidance from their program AVRT and the individual who is using the program.


Rational Recovery can help you overcome alcohol addiction!

Rational Recovery does not believe in group therapy, they believe that addiction is a problem that can only be conquered through the individual and by learning about the concept of their program AVRT.

According to Rational Recovery’s website, their program AVRT is a consumer friendly experience of independent recovery that is in an educational format. AVRT is a comprehensive problem solver for addiction that only takes a short period of time for people to receive the benefits from.

Rational recovery is not a free service if a person would like to take the class, which is only located in California, or of they opt to buy a book, it does cost money. However, on Rational Recovery’s website a person can take a look at the free AVRT Crash Course, which many people use to help them recover from alcohol abuse and stay sober.

The Benefits from Rational Recovery

Although Rational Recovery is not free if a person wishes to take the AVRT class, the class will focus on the individual who is using the program and can help them better understand their behaviors, their feelings, and ultimately control their urges.

The tactics and concepts developed by Rational Recovery are unique to the addiction recovery world and for people that do not like support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, or for people who have not experienced any success with Alcoholics Anonymous or other support groups, the approach from Rational Recovery may be one that will work for them.

An extremely convenient benefit of Rational Recovery is the fact that it is a short program that can be utilized on a person’s own time. The program AVRT is a concept that people need to learn and once they have learned it they can continually apply it to their life. There are not any programs or meetings that people need to attend and if a person decides to take the class, it is only four days long, after that they will be finished with all face to face interaction and can apply their knowledge they have learned to their life.

Rational Recovery focuses on the point that with the right knowledge and understanding of their brain, a person can learn to manage their way of thinking and their behavior, which will result in them living an addiction free life.


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