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What is Women for Sobriety?

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This program is designed to help women become, and stay, alcohol-free.

About Women for Sobriety

What is Women for Sobriety…

Women for sobriety (WFS) is a self-help program that is designed to help women alcoholics remain abstinent from alcohol. WFS is solely for females and was the first program designed that way.

According to Women for Sobriety Inc, WFS was created in 1976 by one woman to provide services to other women who struggle with alcohol addiction.

WFS has a New Life Program that is utilized as their guidelines for helping women through their alcohol addiction struggles. The New Life Program is composed of thirteen acceptance statements that each member of the program is expected to accept about themselves and remember on a daily basis.

Acceptance Steps

The thirteen acceptance steps are guidelines for women to live by and are designed to help each individual women become aware of her beliefs and strength.

The first step of the thirteen steps according to WFS Acceptance New Life Program is,

“I have a life-threatening problem that once had me.
I now take charge of my life and my disease. I accept the responsibility.”

All thirteen steps of the New life Program can be found on the Women for Sobriety’s website.

The Benefits of Women for Sobriety

There are numerous benefits that come from programs such as WFS. The first benefit of WFS is that the program is completely free and designed to help any woman, no matter how rich or poor they are. The second benefit of WFS is that they are located throughout the country and throughout multiple cities so that they can help as many women as they possibly can.

Another major benefit from WFS is that their program is all about a women finding her own strength and relies solely on her-self to acknowledge and accept her struggles while finding ways to push through. Although there is an abundance of support from other women in the program, that support is extra help because the program is all about self-help. In addition, unlike AA, there are not any steps that a woman needs to accomplish to fulfill her goals, instead every woman heals herself on her own time and is successful at her own pace without the need for others to know.

One of the most beneficial aspects of WFS is the fact that it is all for women. Many people do better in environments where they are around members of the same sex and women and men tend to handle addictions differently, so a woman being around other women creates a supportive environment that many women feel more comfortable in. This also enables members of a WFS group to relate to one another and understand each other better.


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