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Alcohol abuse can be difficult to overcome on your own, especially when you lack a solid support team, or the knowledge needed to avoid certain drinking triggers. If you are suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction and live in Louisiana, know there are alcohol rehab centers in nearly every city that can help, including New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-481-6965 (Who Answers?) to speak with an addiction specialist who can help you explore alcohol rehab Louisiana treatments.

Treatments at Alcohol Rehab Louisiana

Louisiana alcohol rehab centers offer a variety of treatments that can help you successfully overcome alcohol abuse. Alcohol addiction treatment begins with detoxification, followed by counseling, therapy, and support groups aimed at treating your addiction as a whole.

Detox eliminates alcohol from your body so you can overcome physical dependence on the substance. Detox may involve prescription medications that treat certain withdrawal symptoms, or natural treatments that lend to overall improved health such as IV vitamin therapy and yoga. The medical staff at Louisiana rehab centers are devoted to making the detox process as comfortable as possible so you can avoid experiencing alcohol cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and general discomfort.

After going through detox, you may receive behavioral counseling to treat underlying mental causes of addiction. For instance, you can learn how to overcome social anxiety problems that may have led to drinking, or receive treatment for depression so you don’t have to self-medicate using alcohol. No matter the cause of alcohol abuse, Louisiana alcohol rehab centers can help you overcome your drinking problem.

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Receiving treatment for alcohol abuse in Louisiana can prevent your drinking problem from turning into addiction, which can interfere negatively with your health and livelihood. Alcohol rehab treatment can prevent you from making major mistakes that compromise your career, education, and personal relationships.

Going to Louisiana alcohol rehab also prevents you from having to suffer alcohol cravings and withdrawal upon quitting. Many addicts put off quitting for fear of experiencing unpleasant symptoms, but alcohol rehab offers treatments that can make quitting drinking feel more comfortable and fulfilling.

Counseling and therapy for alcohol abuse also teaches you skills that help you avoid relapse following rehab. Going to alcohol rehab gives you the opportunity to discover new hobbies and interests that fully replace drinking. By the time you leave rehab, you’ll be ready to take back your life and start working toward achieving your most important, long-held personal goals.

How to Find Alcohol Rehab Centers in Louisiana

Suffering from alcohol abuse can make you feel isolated, confused, and lacking the mental clarity needed to find an alcohol rehab center that can help. offers an easy-to-use alcohol rehab directory that can help you locate rehab centers throughout Louisiana. Use our website to explore various addiction treatments, and to learn more about common causes and effects of alcohol abuse.

Review the list of Louisiana alcohol rehab centers in our directory and click the “Details” button next to any listing to learn more. Many alcohol rehab centers have dedicated websites that feature information about their alcohol abuse treatments, services, and amenities. For guidance and help with finding an alcohol rehab center in Louisiana, call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-481-6965 (Who Answers?) to speak with an experienced addiction counselor who can help you make the right choice.

Nobody should try to overcome alcohol abuse or addiction on their own without help. Use to learn more about alcohol abuse, and to explore alcohol rehab Louisiana treatments designed with you in mind. We’re devoted to helping you or your loved one successfully and safely combat addiction.


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