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The Dangerous Difference Between Binge Drinking and a Bender

Many people confuse binge drinking with going on what is known as a bender. When seeking alcohol addiction treatment it is important to know the difference between the two. The treatment for each differs slightly and mistaking one for the other can lead to a relapse after addiction treatment.

Definition of Binge Drinking

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, binge drinking is a pattern of drinking rapidly to bring blood alcohol levels up past the legal limit in most areas. This means a blood alcohol level of over 0.08 grams percent. In order to do this men need to drink over five drinks and women need to drink over four in under two hours.

Definition of a Bender

A bender is a slang term. It is generally defined as drinking beyond the point of intoxication, passing out, and then continuing to drink when you wake up. Benders can last for days or weeks depending on the drinker. People on a bender usually stop drinking just as suddenly as they started and the most common cause of a bender is self-medication for a mental or physical illness.

If you are prone to this type of drinking, it is very important to seek treatment. Detoxing after a bender alone can be extremely dangerous. Alcohol is one of a few drugs that sudden withdrawal can result in death.

To find a treatment center that can monitor your detox after a bender, get help at 800-481-6965 (Who Answers?) .

What is the Difference Between the Two?

Binge Drinking

Going on a bender will more likely cause alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

There are several key differences between a binge and a bender. These differences are:

  • length of time – binge drinking is only for a night and benders can last considerably longer.
  • alcohol poisoning – binge drinkers are more prone to alcohol poisoning according to the definition of binge drinking and the Mayo Clinic.
  • alcohol withdrawal syndrome – people on benders are more prone to suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • consequences – although both have severe consequences, benders tend to result in job loss and other financial and legal issues.

These are the key differences between binge drinking and a bender.

Why do Both Require Treatment?

Both habitual binge drinking and habitual benders are extremely dangerous. Alcohol poisoning and alcohol withdrawal syndrome are deadly issues that arise as a result of these forms of alcohol abuse. Both alcohol poisoning and alcohol withdrawal syndrome can result in:

  • excessive vomiting to the point of choking on vomit
  • respiratory and cardiac failure
  • seizures and convulsions
  • brain damage
  • stroke
  • death

This is why seeking a treatment center with alcohol detox experience is so vital to recovery. Suddenly stopping either binge drinking or a bender without proper treatment can very easily turn deadly.

How do you Find Treatment for Either Binge Drinking or a Bender?

You can find treatment for both binge drinking or a bender at 800-481-6965 (Who Answers?) . Although different, both types of drinking are extremely dangerous. We can help you find the treatment that you need before it is too late.

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