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Physical Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse


The physical symptoms of alcohol abuse can be miserable.

Do you think you have a drinking problem? Sometimes, the physical symptoms of alcohol abuse do not stand out enough to be easily recognized but when they do, there’s a sure sign that help is needed. Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction can seemingly sneak up on an individual leaving little room to breathe. Before you realize there is even a problem, the physical symptoms of alcohol abuse have already set in. Here’s a look at some of the most common physical symptoms of alcohol abuse and addiction that should not be overlooked.

Shakes and Tremors

Do you feel shaky or have tremors when you stop drinking? If you notice that when you don’t drink your hand is a little shaky or that you feel like you tremble more when you stop drinking there could be a major problem setting in. Alcoholism is commonly marked by characteristics of shaking, having DTs and otherwise trembling when the drinking stops. These are all signs that the body is going through withdrawal from a lack of alcohol. Consistent drinking can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms and sustained alcohol abuse may also lead to brain damage, liver disease and kidney damage.

Drinking to Relax

Do you drink just to feel relaxed? If your drinking has become a regular means of relaxation and you cannot seem to relax without first having a drink then your alcohol abuse has become a serious problem. Drinking to relax is not only dangerous, it can quickly lead to alcoholism which is both difficult to treat and dangerous to live with. Getting drunk to overpower your stress is not the answer to your problems and will likely lead to further complications along the way.

Drinking in Dangerous Situations

Do you drink and drive? Do you drink when doing so could subject you to serious danger? If you drink in dangerous situations such as while driving or operating heavy machinery then your alcohol abuse has already put you in jeopardy of getting injured or potentially killed and you should seek immediate help. Drinking in dangerous situations increases your risk of getting hurt and it often increases the risk of you hurting others. In these cases, when alcohol abuse is posing serious health risks, you should seek immediate treatment.

Illness that is Alcohol Related

Have you ever dank so much that you threw up? Does your drinking cause you to feel sick? If you have had a hangover or you have been sick while drinking, alcohol abuse is definitely a factor in your life. The physical symptoms of alcohol abuse often include illness while under the influence. The severity of your illness is often dependent on how much you drank as well as other factors.

Hallucinations or Confusion

The physical symptoms of alcohol abuse do not only include drinking in dangerous situations or drinking to relax, if you drink so much that you hallucinate or become confused then it’s time to seek professional help. Alcohol abuse that includes drinking so much that you lose consciousness or that you cannot focus, become confused or hallucinate is very dangerous and can leave you vulnerable. People who abuse alcohol are often taken advantage of as a result of their confusion and this can lead to grave danger.

Binge Drinking

Physical symptoms of alcohol abuse such as binge drinking should not be overlooked. If you drink excessive amounts of alcohol or you drink for days at a time, you are putting your life and your health at serious risk. The dangers of binge drinking include the potential for brain damage, kidney problems, liver problems and a wealth of other potential consequences that could make your life very miserable.


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