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Chronic Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

Chronic alcohol abuse symptoms are present in alcoholics and can be fatal if an individual does not receive help for their addiction. The symptoms of chronic alcohol abuse include everything from liver and kidney damage to disease, injury and death.

About Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol is a depressant that disrupts a person’s body from functioning normally and that will impair a person’s judgment. Alcohol is a legal drug that is incorporated into numerous common day activities such as social gatherings and dinner parties.

alcohol abuse

Chronic alcohol abuse will affect many aspects of an individual’s life. Get help today if you are struggling.

Millions of teenagers are abusing alcohol and millions of people suffer from alcohol addictions. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the most commonly used and abused addictive substance in America is alcohol. One in every twelve adults or approximately 17.8 million people suffers from alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse. In addition, several more million people engage in dangerous drinking patterns that could eventually lead to alcohol problems. Furthermore, more than half of adults have a family history of alcoholism.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to a user’s health both physically and mentally. Every time a person abuses alcohol they increase their chance of cardiac arrest and they raise their blood pressure. Moreover, prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to organ failure and can cause permanent brain damage. Furthermore, alcohol abuse leads to people making poor decisions and engaging in dangerous activities, which can be fatal.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are roughly around 88,000 deaths each year in America caused from excessive alcohol drinking.

Chronic alcohol abuse will lead a person down a harmful path and any person that continues to abuse alcohol will have physical and mental symptoms of their abuse.

Chronic Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

If a person continually consumes alcohol their body will show their alcohol abuse and they will have to deal with numerous consequences from their alcohol abuse until they get help and stop drinking.

Chronic alcohol abuse symptoms include…

Bad Breath: Most chronic abusers of alcohol will have bad breath that will typically smell of alcohol.

Poor Hygiene: Many alcoholics begin to stop caring about their hygiene and looks.

Poor Physical Health: Alcohol abuse damages organs and lead to people making poor decisions in their health care, which typically results in avid drinkers becoming sick more often.

Loss of Finances: Most chronic drinkers of alcohol lose their money as they continually need to purchase more and more of the substance.

Slurred Speech: An abuser of alcohol may have a difficult time speaking full sentences or pronouncing words correctly.

Loss of Memory: A long term drinker may begin to have early signs of dementia, and will have a hard time remembering things. In addition, a person who continually drinks will have a difficult time concentrating on one thing, which also plays a role in bad memory.


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